Job websites in Africa to post and search jobs

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Africa has a growing number of job boards, job search engines, and social media sites. It's much easier now to promote job openings to thousands of potential job recruits.

We have put together a list of some of the best and inexpensive job sites so recruiters employers and can experiment with different ways to find new hires.

Africa job sites

Job boards are essential for posting, promoting, and filling new job openings. We have compiled some of the cheapest job websites from Africa to post all kinds of jobs.


Sajobfinder boasts a network of more than 3,000 recruiters across several sectors, including IT, HR, sales, and healthcare. Thousands of businesses use the site to promote new job posts and connect with talented job seekers. The site serves over 800,000 members across South Africa.


Ghanajobscareers is a job board where recruiters can post jobs modeled loosely on Craigslist. Employers can post an unlimited number of vacancies to JobSpider's network. With millions of job seekers active on the site, employers can view their resumes online for free and locate the best candidates for their vacancies.


JosBotswana is a leading job board serving job seekers in Botswana. HR departments and recruiters post jobs at low, low rates. Employers post an unlimited number of vacancies to the job board. There are thousands of job active job seekers on the site, and employers can view their resumes online and find the best candidates for their open job positions. Job seekers can post resumes and set up job alerts for free.


Kenyajobscareers caters to the job search needs of thousands of job seekers in Kenya. The website harnesses the power of syndication to streamline the recruitment process. Recruiters can create an unlimited number of open job postings, which can then shared with up to 20 different job boards.


Located in Windhoek, Namibia, Namibiajobscareers serve the labor requirements of employers and recruiters in the whole of Namibia. In contrast with other job boards, this site's recruitment tools are many. There is an applicant tracking system to help with the recruitment process. recruiters can email applicants while on the site


Nigeriajobscareers was created to help increase the efficiency of the recruiting process. The website uses algorithmic matchmaking to identify great-fit candidates for a given role, matching candidates based on skills and potential instead of just their resumes. The company provides access to all of its features — posting jobs, sorting through a curated roster of candidates, and setting up interviews.


Ugandajobscareers offers job postings to recruiters and employers, tiny businesses. The site also receives thousands of resumes from new job seekers each week, allowing hiring managers to pinpoint great candidates only using the filters available on the site's database.